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CLEO is sponsoring a FREE one-day Sophomore Super Saturdays
prelaw seminar!

Learn how to get the most out of your undergraduate experience and become a competitive law school applicant.

Are you*

First Name* Middle Last Name*

Present City Present State
Present Zip

Cell /Present Telephone/ (10 digits; no dashes or spaces) *

E-mail Address *
IMPORTANT: Applications MUST CONTAIN A FUNCTIONING E-MAIL ADDRESS because final details may be communicated via e-mail. Please do NOT let your e-mail boxes fill up; if this happens, the e-mail will not be received and will be bounced back without delivery!

Date of Birth*
Place of Birth* Gender*

Are you a U.S. Citizen? Yes No
What is your state of residence? *


Academic History

List all undergraduate colleges attended:

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Major(s) *

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Eligibility Requirements
In order to participate in the CLEO College Scholars Sophomore Super Saturdays Seminar, you must be either a low-income, minority, or otherwise disadvantaged student. I hereby certify that I am:

Ethnicity* Other

Low-income, Economically, or Otherwise Disadvantaged
If you are NOT a minority student, you may participate if you are low-income, economically, or otherwise disadvantaged!
1. A student may be determined to be low-income if he/she earned less than 150% of the HHS poverty guidelines and his/her parents earned less than $40,000, or economically disadvantaged if his/her income is less than 185% of the HHS poverty guidelines. An independent student may be determined to be economically disadvantaged if his/her income is less than 185% of the HHS poverty guidelines.

a. Are you low-income?*
b. Are you economically disadvantaged?*
If you answered "YES" to questions "a" or "b" please BRING a copy of your STUDENT AID REPORT to the registration desk at the forum.

2. An individual may be determined to be otherwise disadvantaged if he/she meets at least one of the following criteria (please check all that apply):

Attended secondary school in a Title I School District
Participated in a TRIO program
English as a second language
First generation college student
Resided in a public housing facility
Disabled, as defined by the Individuals with Disabilities in Education Act

How did you find out about this seminar?
CLEO Website
Posted Flyer
Facebook / Twitter
Pre-Law Advisor (Name; Institution):
Career Center

This is a one-day forum. Accommodations are not being provided.
Registration is open on a first come, first serve basis: DON'T DELAY.
This forum is open to disabled individuals, as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act. Please call for any special accommodations that you may require.

* I certify that the above statements are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief. I understand that any false or misleading statement may constitute grounds for denial of admission or later expulsion.




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